How Smart Are Pit Bull Terrier Dogs

Truth is you’ll never hear anything about the intelligence of the animal unless you’re in the business of Pitbull owners. Anyone who has owned one of those fascinating dogs will tell you straight up that the Pitbull is a really wise dog indeed.
Pit Bulls are fairly quick to learn, but they also possess a particularly stubborn streak that’s a direct consequence of their intelligence. These dogs have a certain will of their own, and they prefer to receive their way, but then again, most people do too!
This stubborn behavior which shows from time to time will make the Pit Bull breed marginally more difficult to train than other breeds. Some people confuse the dog’s individual will like the dog not being trainable, but nothing could be farther from the truth!

Dog breed issues

The issues in training originate from owners who don’t have any knowledge about the Pit Bull breed. As with any breed, prospective owners must always invest a little of the time into getting to know the specific quirks that all dog breeds have. Owners who get a Pit Bull then whine about the training of these simply didn’t do their homework.
As the owner of a Pit Bull, you should understand that his stubbornness comes out of his intellect and that you should not take it personally. Just because he does not want to do what you want him to perform at a particular time does not mean he does not love you. If you’re able to just treat it for what it really is, stubbornness, then you will both make out just fine.

Nature of Pit bulls

Most pit bulls are fun-loving companions, patient, and gentle with their loved ones (with the very likely exception of additional pit bulls). Like all breeds, there are exceptions.
Pit bulls were bred to be brave and match, to continue whatever they’re doing in the face of hardship. These qualities make them more stubborn, tenacious, and fearless. Like any big dog, pit bulls should be supervised when with kids.


Life with a pit bull is always an experience. These are fun-loving dogs that are always up for a match. They have to possess a vigorous exercise period daily. Though they are demanding dogs, they’re not cold weather puppies and must be protected from the elements.
Pit bulls ought to be obedience trained because it’s a fantastic bonding activity. Since they’re quite frequently not good with other dogs, they need to be kept on a leash when around them.